Are you a runaway?

Making sure to stay safe

Are you a runaway? Finding a safe place to sleep, eat, get dressed and wash yourself is important. If you can’t stay with a family member or a friend, there are community organizations here for you. They can support you throughout this time.

Important for your safety:

Don’t stay alone, but be careful about who you trust.

Be careful about taking risks with drugs and alcohol, or exploring your sexuality.

If you feel unsafe, reach out to someone you trust . Remember that the police can act very quickly to help you.

Tu penses fuguer?
Tu es en fugue?

Keeping in touch with my loved ones

While you’re away, a lot of people will be worried. You can put them at ease by staying in touch. Communication is key to improving your situation, finding a solution and facilitating your return.

You’re free to choose:

Who you want to give news to

When you want to contact them

How you want to contact them (phone call, text, social media, in person in a public place)

You can also ask a person you trust to help you do the following:

Prepare to give news to the people worried about you.

Support you while you make contact with the people worried about you.

Contact these people on your behalf, to reassure them.

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Thinking of going home

Are you thinking of returning home? Did running away give you the chance to step away from your problems or conflicts? Did you have new experiences, some good and some not so good?

It’s totally normal you find it hard to make the decision to go back. You’ll probably have doubts, be reluctant. There are positives and negatives (pros and cons) to both choices: going home or remaining a runaway. In the end, you’re the only person experiencing your situation. It’s up to you to make this decision. To find help, you can take the time to talk to someone you trust.