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Thinking of running away?

Are you thinking of running away? It's probably hard right now. Your problems seem impossible to solve or you're in a situation of conflict. Before you decide, take the time to consider your situation.

We can help you

Are you a runaway?

Tu penses fuguer?

Want to go back where you live?

Tu veux retourner où tu habites?

Want to know the resources available?

Tu veux connaitre les resources disponibles?

Are you a parent?

Has your child not returned home or to the place where they live? If so, you may be wondering if they have run away. We can answer some of your questions.

Are you a youth worker?

According to the Youth Protection Act, a young person's safety or development may be compromised if they leave their living environment without permission. However, there are some grey areas in responding to runaway situations.