Want to go back to where you live?

Preparing for my return

If you decide to return, the people waiting for you will be relieved. However, you may still have unpleasant surprises. For this reason, it’s important to be prepared, so that your return goes as smoothly as possible. The people you trust can assist you.

Here are things you can do to make your return a success:

Tell your parents or those responsible for you that you want to come back.

Talk to them about your return. Tell them how you’d like it to happen (eating, washing yourself, sleeping).

Ask them to give you time to explain yourself when it’s the right time for you. At your own pace, you can talk about what you’re going through or went through while you were away.

Take the time to listen to your parents or those responsible for you.

Talk about why you ran away. What was the conflict situation? What are the issues you find impossible to resolve?

Talk about possible solutions. What could you and your parents or caregivers do to make you feel comfortable where you live?

Talk about your experience of running away. What did you learn? Did running away help you fulfill a need?

Together, find alternatives to running away. The next time you have a conflict or problem that seems impossible to solve, what could you do?

Jeunes - Tu veux retourner où tu habites?
Tu veux retourner où tu habites?

Deciding to return and preparing for it takes a lot of energy and willpower. By doing this, you’re showing that you’re being responsible. You’re taking control of your situation. The people waiting for you will definitely appreciate what you’re doing.

You don’t have a way to get home? You’re not in a safe place? You can call the police, who can take care of you and take you back to where you live.

Finally, running away can also have consequences. To find out more, learn about your rights and the laws.